The primary focus of my work centers around four life challenges and/or needs people encounter:

 1.  They are facing, or experiencing a significant loss, change, health crisis - or are at a crossroads or serious transition in their life and they want to regain control and move forward.

2.  Their life is "not working" - lacking direction, feeling lost or confused, frustrated and they know there is something better and want help moving forward and to be happy, fulfilled, solid and secure.

 3.   They need a safe, unbiased and confidential place to get clarity, think through thoughts, sound out ideas and issues, check assumptions, get validation or a second opinion, explore possibilities, determine next steps -  and then move forward successfully. 

4.  They want to move forward and use the reality of their life in a practical spiritual way - with a clear understanding of who they are at a core level.     

I help people to:  see their life clearly - make good decisions  - communicate effectively - make best choices - feel safe, secure, peaceful - take the appropriate actions that enhance their life.   

I help people move forward by drawing from more than 35 years of business consulting and personal experience, diverse and integrated therapeutic techniques, education and training - so together we can achieve desired outcomes and results. 

For more information, please call or e-mail me -   Thank you!

Services for individuals provided online via Skype, Zoom and FaceTime.

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Donald Alan Lucas, ccht

Phone - FaceTime - Duo:  (415) 305-0767 

Skype:  Shiland

Zoom:  245-403-9373